LAWMAN’s Legal Document and Email Management System is a comprehensive solution for the management of all forms of legal documents and emails produced or received in busy legal offices.

Lawman Legal Document Management Software handles the creation, storage and on-going management of outgoing and incoming correspondence. All types of legal forms and digital materials are handled.

Within Document Management, easy set up of all standard templates is provided, such as letterheads, memos, file notes, which are centrally stored and managed; all allowing for speedy document assembly and automatic filing against the Client and Matter. A Central Precedent and Clauses Manager offers the correct text / document in the appropriate area of law for speedy choice and use. Lawman Legal Document Management Systems also include integral scanning features, pdf conversion and bundling as well as full email functionality

Full document versioning and comparisons are provided along with a rich set of features more usually associated with expensive dedicated products.
Lawman Legal Document Management Systems avoid the expense of these 3rd party systems as well as avoiding the unnecessary and time consuming duplication of client and matter information.

As Lawman Legal Document Management Systems are fully integrated and work with Microsoft Office including the latest Microsoft Office 2016 Edition Easy Access to the full range of Lawman functionality is provided directly from any Microsoft office Application including Microsoft Word .

Email management

Easy and efficient email filing is an essential requirement for Fee Earners in the email centric legal world. Emails and attachments triggered from any area of Lawman or Outlook can be automatically filed against the correct matter, with visual confirmation. Scanned documents can also be easily filed, both at Client or Matter level in a number of ways.

The Lawman Fee Earner Workstation can also run seamlessly from within Outlook and in doing so also extends the useful preview facilities of Outlook to any document type

Emails may also easily be filed manually, or following prompting by the system according to preference. Alternatively bundles of email may also be filed against any matter in a single operation

Lawman can also be configured to interact directly with third party software such as eCopy, and photocopy or scanning devices with touchpad controls to directly file documents against the correct matter.